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Auras by Kenoli (   Added 7 years ago An aura is a behavior that affects nearby units. The Mothership's cloaking field is an example of an aura. Parts of an Aura The essential parts of an aura are:An effect. (This is what the aura does to units) A search area. (This dete...

Healing Fountain Aura by OneTwoSC (   Added 8 years ago
In this tutorial I make a building that heals nearby units just like the healing fountain of warcraft 3! Done on patch 1.1.2 of SC2 rafqhgvaOEs Example map: (link)

Leveling Units by (wiki) (   Added 8 years ago
Setting amount of experience required Behavior - Experience Fraction determines what gives XP to the hero (example: 1 kill == +1 XP). Behavior - Veterancy Levels + is used to set the levels' properties. From there, add a value. Note: each new value is a new level. You can set the amount of e...

How to Create a Passive Aura by .Talon (   Added 8 years ago
This guide will teach how to create custom auras. You will need basic knowledge of the Data Editor. Example map: (link) How it works Basically, an aura consists of a chain of 2 behaviors and 3 effects; The first behavior (the ability) is attached to the unit that should have the aura. It ha...

Aura Abilities by Akkibifuu (   Added 8 years ago
Shows how to make Auras for Units in SC2. Feel free to Develop ideas from here! Here are some directions you can go: Create a passive button for the unit that has the aura. Make it a learn-able ability from a tech building Use it on a hero with multiple levels. WZl-koiWHtw

Time of Day Dependent Buffs by Prancer (   Added 8 years ago
Hello. I have recently been playing around with the SC2 editor and figured out how to make buffs which are only active during certain times of the "day" and I decided I should write a tutorial on it. In this tutorial we'll create a new unit called the "Night Templar" which cloaks only during the...

Increase Larva Spawn by SouLCarveR (   Added 8 years ago
Spawn Number To set the number of larva a Hatchery will spawn, go to Requirements in the data editor and find the "Hatchery Spawn Larva" requirement. Modify the "Requirements" field. Larva continue to spawn until this requirement is no longer met.


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