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Leveling Units by (wiki) (staredit.net)   Added 9 years ago
Setting amount of experience required Behavior - Experience Fraction determines what gives XP to the hero (example: 1 kill == +1 XP). Behavior - Veterancy Levels + is used to set the levels' properties. From there, add a value. Note: each new value is a new level. You can set the amount of e...

Creating a Unit from Scratch by Cardinal (staredit.net)   Added 9 years ago
The modular way that the Data Editor (and much of the Galaxy Editor) functions adds a lot of functionality to the way you can do things. In plain english, it is easy to think of the Galaxy Editor as a box of puzzle pieces. Once created, you can slot these pieces together to create pretty much what...

Using Build On by Temp (stardepot.org)   Added 9 years ago
This tutorial will show you how to make a building that must be built on top of another building, eg a Refinery on a Vespene Geyser. Creating the Bottom Unit To create the base it is important to copy it from the original vespene geyser unit. To do so right click on the vespene geyser unit and ...

Unit Duplication by OneTwoSC (youtube.com)   Added 9 years ago
In this small series I simply duplicate a photon cannon and cover all of the things that duplication 'misses'. A good tutorial for people wanting to learn more about the data editor. Done on patch 1.0.2 of SC2 www.sc2mapster.com 75PKVg6YxHw biSXFg3qDeE

Marine Protoss Shield Upgrades by Prancer (sc2mapster.com)   Added 9 years ago
Race Confusion The Protoss get to have all the fun with their fancy shields and whatnot. It's time we give the Marines some fancy energy shields too. Not only just give them shields, but have the Protoss Shield Upgrades affect the Marines too. A Shielded Marine is a Happy Marine First, open ...


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