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Range Indicators by Kenoli (   Added 8 years ago Unit Placement The range indicators seen during building placement (IE Missile Turret, Spine Crawler) are Range Weapon actors, which are created by a Placement Model actor, and are based on model name.

Ingame Terrain Deformation by xhatix (   Added 8 years ago
Example map: (link) First - you need experience with the Actors - i will not explain why to do things, or how to set specific datas. Just give you a quick Guide to do this. To actually do OTF (On-the-fly or live) terrain deformations you need 2 things: an actor a hook - in terms of somethin...

Working with Attachments by ProzaicMuze (   Added 8 years ago
I got a lot of requests for a more basic and intuitive guide for attachments after making the Uberlisk Tutorial. So this will serve to bridge the gap between those needing to understand what attachments are and those who have a solid understanding of them. It's important to note that this doesn't ...

Attaching Models to Units by Kenoli (   Added 8 years ago
Example: Void Ray model attached to Marine weapon: In the data editor, create a new actor. Actor type "Model", based on "Model Animation Style Continuous".


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