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Auras by Kenoli (   Added 7 years ago An aura is a behavior that affects nearby units. The Mothership's cloaking field is an example of an aura. Parts of an Aura The essential parts of an aura are:An effect. (This is what the aura does to units) A search area. (This dete...

Healing Fountain Aura by OneTwoSC (   Added 8 years ago
In this tutorial I make a building that heals nearby units just like the healing fountain of warcraft 3! Done on patch 1.1.2 of SC2 rafqhgvaOEs Example map: (link)

How to Create a Passive Aura by .Talon (   Added 8 years ago
This guide will teach how to create custom auras. You will need basic knowledge of the Data Editor. Example map: (link) How it works Basically, an aura consists of a chain of 2 behaviors and 3 effects; The first behavior (the ability) is attached to the unit that should have the aura. It ha...

Aura Abilities by Akkibifuu (   Added 8 years ago
Shows how to make Auras for Units in SC2. Feel free to Develop ideas from here! Here are some directions you can go: Create a passive button for the unit that has the aura. Make it a learn-able ability from a tech building Use it on a hero with multiple levels. WZl-koiWHtw


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