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Lighting Guide
Author: obliviron ( lighting  
Source: 9 years ago 

Definition: Widget - Unit, Doodad, Splat, Item, pretty much everything in the game.

Ambient Color

What it Does: Changes the color of the ambiance, or the color that envelops the whole terrain.

(Those are 0,0,0; 105,105,105; 255,255,255 respectively. Millions of other combinations can be formed.)

Specular Multiplier

What it Does: Sets the amount of light to reflect for widgets that can reflect light.

Emissive Multiplier

What it Does: Sets the intensity of light that widgets generate.
Note: Setting this to 0 will remove widget-generated light.


What it Does: Sets the amount of light the terrain is exposed to.

Bloom Threshold

What it Does: Fringes light around objects. Blizzard's bloom creation code is shit, so this is mainly useful only at night, where bloom adds to the effect of darkness.

Ambient Multiplier

What it Does: Brightens the light coming from the terrain.

Diffuse Multiplier

What it Does: Sets the amount of WHITE light generated by units, doodads, and items.

White Point

What it Does: Same as exposure, but only works with the Reinhard method.
Note: Read up on the methods before using this.

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