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Multi-Phase Spells
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While not entirely practical, this tutorial will walk you through all of the ability phases with Text Actors and tie spell effect chains to them. We will be creating a single ability that summons units, raises them into the air, sacrifices them and then temporarily model swaps the caster. I did not make any weapons or effects that you would expect to go with the model swap, but this is mainly because I want to focus only on the spell rather than on the Behaviors and Validators involved in turning a unit's weapons on and off.

Example map: (link)

Ability Phase Basics

Abilities are broken down into a series of phases. These phase follow the following order and are tied to specific instances during an the ability. If left with no duration, the phase is skipped over. If no phases are given values the ability is an instant cast spell.

Archaic Sacrifice

Effects Tab

This effect will instantly kill the summoned units it is applied to giving the appearance they were sacrificed.

This is a placeholder in the effect chain until you have created the actual behavior.

This is a placeholder in the effect chain until you have created the actual behavior.

This is a placeholder in the effect chain until you have created the actual behavior.

This is responsible for creating the units you will be killing during the spell. It doesn't matter which unit you choose so long as the unit walks on the ground and it starts the with specified Buff.

This will trigger the unit summons and allow you to specify the exact location the units are created at.

Behaviors Tab

This prevents the unit from moving while raising it into the air and killing it at the end of the buff. At the same time it will apply the Model Swap Buff that is tied to the Model Swap Actor Event.

This prevents the unit from moving after it has been created and chains into the Height Buff.

Buttons Tab

Abilities Tab

This ability will show its progress during each phase and use the buttons you created earlier to help illustrate which phase you are in. Also, it is currently setup to prevent interruptions in all phases. This means that once the ability has started it can't be stopped.

Models Tab

Units Tab

Duplicate the High Templar unit and its corresponding Actor. Everything else will be stock or made from scratch.

Actors Tab

Model Actors

It's important to note that with all of these animations the duration is dynamic. This means that if you want to change the length of a given phase, the models will adapt. To better understand some of the events, use the Text Actors in the video to see when different models start and stop.

Sound Actors

You might notice ::Creator in the Host Supporter + field for the SoundContinuous Sound Actors. While we won't use this, if you have a unit that might be destroyed while the sound is active, you can use the Supporter Destruction Actor Event to destroy the sound. Keep in mind that you can change the Supporter to a specific actor if needed.

Text Actors

The color, location and size of the text is entirely optional. The only important parts are the Hosting - [ANYTHING] and Events + fields.

Unit Actors

These events will cause the caster to animate and change according to the Ability Phase and whether or not it has been Model Swapped. Now your spell should function as shown in the video :D

Feel free to use the attached Test Map or contact me via forum post, PM or IRC (#SC2Mapster on if you encounter problems. Keep in mind that I'm a busy person so I may not reply right away, but I'll do my best to answer all questions/concerns that I am aware of :)

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