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Creating a Missile Spell
Author: Payne ( data ability  
Source: 8 years ago 

Ever wanted to create a Missile ability? Well, here you go!

This tutorial is set up so that the missile will hit anything on it's path of fire. Missile includes details about the different types of missiles and what the different fields do, so if you want your missile to behave differently, check that out.

1. Create an Ability of type "Effect - Target".
2. Set the field "Ability - Commands +" to contain the ability's button (See this if you do not know how to do a custom button: Custom Button).
3. Set the field "Cost - Cost +" to whatever you want the launch of the missile cost to the player.
4. Set the field "Stats - Range" to the range the caster should be able to launch his missile.

5. Create an Effect of type "Launch Missile".
6. Set the field "Target - Impact Location +" to Target Unit/Point.
7. Set the field "Unit - Ammo Unit" to whatever you want the missile to look like (for example: Weapon - Photo Cannon Weapon).
8. To set the speed/acceleration of the missile, go into the Movers tab, find your Ammo Unit, and modify the "Motion Phases +" field to your likes. To set the size of the missile, find your Ammo Unit in the Actors tab and change the field "Art - Scale" to your likes.

9. Create an Effect of type "Damage" and set the field "Combat - Amount" to the damage the missile should deal.

10. Create an Effect of type "Set" and set the field "Effect - Effects" to contain your Damage type effect and the effect named "Suicide".

11. Create an Effect of type "Search Area".
12. Set the field "Search - Areas +" to contain, in the "Effect" sub-field, your Set type effect. You should also decide of the Collision Size of your missile (make it match with it's scale) by setting a number in the "Radius" sub-field (something between 0.25 and 0.75 is normally a good guess).
13. Set the field "Search - Exclude +" to contain "Caster".
14. Set the field "Search - Search Filters" to exclude "Player", "Invulnerable", "Missile" and "Self".

15. Create a Behavior of type "Buff".
16. Set the field "Stats - Period" to 0.01 (this number is arbitrary, you can decide to set your own number in there, but make sure you keep it low).
17. Set the field "Effect - Effect - Periodic" to contain the Search type effect you've created.

18. Go in the Unit tab and find your Unit Ammo.
19. Set the field "Behavior - Behaviors +" to contain your Buff type Behavior.
20. Set the field "UI - Minimap Radius" to 0.2 (or something along the proportion unit-missile your map has). By the way, this step is optional.

21. Stay in the Unit tab and find the Caster unit.
22. Set the field "Ability - Abilities +" to contain the Effect - Target type effect you've created.
23. Set the field "Ability - Command Card +" to contain your Effect - Target type effect's Custom Button.

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