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Working with Attachments
Author: ProzaicMuze ( intermediate data actor attachment  
Source: 8 years ago 

I got a lot of requests for a more basic and intuitive guide for attachments after making the Uberlisk Tutorial. So this will serve to bridge the gap between those needing to understand what attachments are and those who have a solid understanding of them. It's important to note that this doesn't cover all aspects of attachments given that there are some fairly complex methods of attaching objects together. These are merely the methods that I think are likely to become commonplace once more widely understood.

Example map: (link)

Attachment Basics

The vast majority of attachments are based upon Site Operation Actors. Even when using Site Actors to create custom launch points you are likely still using a Site Operation to specify its exact location. This means understanding related fields is central to using them:

Bunker Turret

We're going to make a bunker with a fully functioning turret. The turret will fire a beam and have its own attachment. In my Test Map I've removed all abilities unrelated to this turret, but you can easily keep the basic functions of the bunker as well as the added turret weapon.

Effects Tab

Weapons Tab

This is the Turrets weapon that will go on the unit.

Turrets Tab

You can set these to whatever you'd prefer, but Idle controls the turrets action when not in combat, Arc controls its range of motion, Idle Rate is how quickly the turret rotates out of combat, Rate is how quickly the turret rotates in combat and Start determines the angle the turret begins facing.

Models Tab

Units Tab

Duplicate the Bunker structure and its corresponding Actor. Everything else will be stock or made from scratch.

Actors Tab

Site Operation Actors

Both of these Site Operations will attach a model to the specified anchor point.

Both of these Site Operations will offset the attachments to the specified coordinates.

This Site Operation tilts and rotates the shield model. It's important that local is enabled so that the vectors rotate with the attachment. If it is not, the rotation is static and faces the map direction created by the vectors. Also, you must have a value for BOTH vectors even if using the default forward/facing (0.0, -1.0, 0.0) or up/axis (0.0, 0.0, -1.0). If either field is left with (0.0, 0.0, 0.0) the attachment will spin sporadically as the attachment Host moves.

Model Actors

This will create the turret model, attach it to the bunker with the specified offset and play its attack animation whenever the bunker's weapon fires. Its creation and destruction both tied to the Attachment Bunker.

This will create the shield model and attach it to the turret with the specified offset and rotation. Its creation and destruction both tied to the Attachment Bunker.

This actor is part of pair. We're going to create its Attack Actor next.

Other Actors

This actor will allow you to shoot the beam from the turret by creating a point of reference.

If you use the token, you don't need to mess with the events. While I didn't do so in the Test Map, I'll typically change the token AND clear out the extra events that I don't need. This is just for my own personal organization and isn't required at all. That asside, The Launch Assets + controls the sounds/models created at the Launch Site and the Impact Map + controls the sounds/models created at the impact point.

This actor allows the turret to function by tying the Turret object to the Turret actor.

Flipped Wraith

Fairly self-explanatory. We're going to flip a Wraith upside down. While not incredibly impressive on its own, this is to demonstrate how to change the angle of ships. I've seen a lot of posts asking how to change the Yaw, Pitch and Roll of flying ships and this portion of the tutorial aims to answer those questions.

Actors Tab

This actor does nothing more than reverse a unit's axis. As mentioned before you need to input values for both vectors (default or otherwise) and ensure local is enabled.

Now the Wraith flies upside down :)

Feel free to use the attached Test Map or contact me via forum post, PM or IRC (#SC2Mapster on if you encounter problems. Keep in mind that I'm a busy person so I may not reply right away, but I'll do my best to answer all questions/concerns that I am aware of :)

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